Q: How do I start using this sweet overlay?
A: Good question! It's actually quite simple. First download the ID Generator below and run it on the computer where you intend on using TibEx. This will generate a file. Upload that file in the form below and press send! Then make a donation via the PayPal button under and you will recieve your copy of the software via email. Simple as that! Please note that I process this manually as of today, so it will not happen within seconds, but I do my best to do it swiftly.

Q: Will I be able to use this forever?

A: Also a splendid question! I guess they all are! The answer depends on how you define forever. But I would say no. A donation entitles you to a license valid for 30 days starting the day I send it over to you. However, if it's late that day I'll add an extra day or 2.. I'm no cheapskate! :)

Q: How long is my license valid after making a donation?
A: 30 days, starting the day I send you the software via email.

Q: Do I have to generate a new ID every time I want to renew my license?
A: Nope! When the time comes and you want to renew your license, just make a donation and I will send over a new one for ya, super simple!

Q: But Sir, I don't want to use PayPal right now. Is there any other solution?
A: No worries kid! If people prefer to show their support to my project by paying in the world of Tibiantis, that could be arranged.

Q: Can I get banned for using this?
A: This is a very good and serious question. The short answer is: You shouldn't. The administration of Tibiantis has said that it is OK to use timers laying on top of the client to display wait time for making runes etc. What TibiantisExtension does is basically the same thing, but smoother, better looking, and adding more functions. And it isn't sending or recieving any commands to or from the client. So, no, you should not be banned for this unless the administration goes back on their statements for some reason. But as always when using Tibia software - it's on your own responsibility.

Q: Am I myself responsible for using this software?
A: Yes.

Q: Only me and myself?
A: Yes. m0nkeesoft. is not responsible for what you do with the TibiantisExtension.

Q: Have you tried using it yourself?
A: I have! Many many times have I started this software while developing it, and so far there has been zero angry faces or banishments on me from the admins.

Q: Should I be worried?
A: No! You should enjoy life and the game to its fullest extent!